NetEncore Consulting Ltd.

Enterprise Solution Design and Construction


  • Software as a Service (SaaS) products

  • Proprietary reusable technology patterns

  • Application program interface (API) catalog design

  • Software security

  • Virtual private cloud hosting (this site is hosted on Amazon Web Services)


  • Open source software technology stacks

  • Decomposed applications leveraging micro services

  • Decoupled web presentation, mobile first design

  • Automated testing, continuous integration and hot deployments

  • Agile / Scrum software development methodology

Showcase Solutions and Patterns

Permit Fee Calculator

Demonstrating the processing required to evaluate permit services, fee types, rate variables and calculation rules needed to establish permit costs.
This pattern is highly adaptable and configurable to accommodate different service types and calculation rules

User Authentication and Session Management

Building block solution featuring user registration, authentication, password change, membership profiling and authorization.
Domain user registration is complemented by social login (Facebook, Linkedin), both login processes sharing the same authorization and session management workflows
This pattern is micro service enabled using security industry best practices encryption mechanisms.