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Search Alberta Provincial Parks camping sites for multi day, multiple camping site availability within a specified date range. Leveraging Alberta Provincial Parks APIs to find booking windows for multi day backpacking adventures, more options and park searches to come!

CRHA lake water data model, analyzing annual lake water level measurements and water volumes to assess the potential of utilizing a water well

Manage your application user’s digital identities and grant appropriate access with our IAM solution featuring user registration, verification, authentication, password change, authorisation, access and session management.
Cookie or Header authentication is complemented by OAuth2 social media sign in (Google, Facebook), all sign in processes sharing the same authorisation, access and session management processes
This foundation system API complies with the JSON:API convention and uses industry best practices security and encryption mechanisms, implementable as a service, hosted or on premise.

Demonstrating the required process to evaluate a permit services, it's fee types and rate variables then apply the correct rules to calculate the permit costs.
This pattern is highly adaptable, API enabled and configurable to accommodate any permit type, rates and calculation rules. Implementable as a service, hosted or on premise.